Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finding time !!

Seems like I don't really have the time to get on my computer like I used to but that maybe because since my Dr. added another anti-depressant to my citalopram, I actually feel more like doing things that involve a life away from the computer.  Am sure some will find that a strange statement, but it is the truth.  Getting your life back after an complete emotional breakdown is possible !!!!  It will never be the same as it was, but at the same time it is better in a lot of ways. 

Hard to believe Summer is almost half way over with and our a/c could use a break already.  It has ran continuously all week trying to keep the house cool. 

We had quite a few branches cut off of the trees close to the house plus the 15 ft. spruce came completely down.  So Tony and I get out there late so it is a few degrees cooler and chop them up into small lengths so they get picked up with the trash.  I have learned a very important lesson through this.  Don't trust the person with the chain saw to always cut so the sawdust is going away from me.  I was busy yakking as usual and Tony cut one of the branches at an odd angle and I wound up with a face full of sawdust.  When I looked up I was wondering who had the more surprised look on our faces..  We had a good laugh over it and managed to finish the one pile without any more sawdust flying in my face.. :-)

We finished the day off with giving Baxter a bath outside and before it was all over with Baxter was standing out in the midle of the yard just looking at both of us, as we fought over who could get the other one the wettest... 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

December 16, 2010

Icy roads this morning created a few problems although I made it to work just fine. Took this pic after I slide into my parking spot at the hospital. Nervous from the short trip there but very thankful that I didn't slide into any ditches. Saw quite a few cars off the road. I just put putted to work....hahahaha
Tis the season for ice and snow though....We have been so cold this week that the snow we got this past Sunday is still on the ground and on alot of the side roads.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Just testing sending from phone to blogger.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sept 28, 2010

Finally a few days that feel like Fall is here. This pic was taken by skyzoom 4 this morning overlooking Saint Louis.

I am looking forward to winter....My favorite time of the year.

Tony and I have been working on the house one day at a time. I scrubbed the bathroom from floor to ceiling and took out all the old caulk and Sunday I replaced all the caulk. My legs are still screaming at me...can't decide if it is old age or lack of exercise or a combination of both. Tomorrow is my day off and I will be taking down all the curtains in the bedroom and cleaning it from floor to ceiling. I might not be able to walk after that one...hahahaha

Hope everyone has a Wonderful week


Thursday, August 12, 2010

One Of Those Days...hahahaha

Guess I was more alseep than awake this morning when I was getting ready for work. One of the patients and I were discussing shoes and I mentioned that I liked working in Dr. Scholls and looked down and had to add to my surprise that apparently today I only wanted to work in one of them as I had on my left foot a Dr. Scholls and on my right was one of my yard work shoes.

Needless to say she laughed so hard and loud that when I went to the next room that patient wanted to know what was so funny and I had to tell him and this went on most of the day. The floor Supervisor of the Nursing Staff mentioned as I was going home that I needed to be on this floor more often as she had not heard so many patients laugh and enjoy themselves more than they had today... naturally I told everyone that I am wearing the other pair tomorrow...hahahaha

Hope everyone is having as good of a week as I am... :-)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh My !!

Baxter has decided since I threw his old chair away to take up sleeping on the couch...ha ha ha
We thought he was adjusting to his new chair but as you can see he is not...
Life has been very busy the past few months. Hard to believe that we are into July already.
It is my day off and as usual I am playing catch up with the housework...
Tony has surgery on his eye the 23rd of this month and he and I both are looking forward to it as right now he can't even see out of his right eye.
I had been having extensive dental work done on my teeth but that has been put on hold for several more weeks while I take some antibiotics for an infection from the work.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful week and staying inside and keeping cool

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Well it was a wild and stormy night last night first I am texting my daughter from the basement where Baxter and I were sitting during our Tornado Sirens going off here and then a few hours later she is texting me from her basement as her family is sitting during the Tornado Sirens that were going off there in Arkansas.

I'm very thankful that we are all safe this morning.
I haven't heard from Tony yet but I am sure they got out on the golf course early... I hope they are having good weather.
I had to literally shove Baxter down the stairs and then it was a contest between his howling and the thunder and for a while there he was winning...hahahaha
After it was over I guess he was used to it down there and I had to shove him back up the stairs. Whew!! What a night.
I have a very busy day planned although I am late getting started as I slept in this morning.
I hope the rest of the weekend goes well for everyone.