Tuesday, April 27, 2010

One of those days...LOL

Well it started out that way anyway... I couldn't find my umbrella this morning, thought I left it in my car and it was drizzling when I left for work. When I parked my car it started pouring down and then I remembered I had put it up on the counter last night when Tony and I went to dinner so Baxter wouldn't destroy it. Yes, 3 years old and he is still all puppy.
Needless to say I was pretty wet by the time I almost reached the hospital and to save a few extra steps I cut through a part with grass on it...Big mistake as my feet slipped and I landed on my backside..thank goodness the grass hadn't really gotten wet yet... I was suppose to mail my netflix movie back and walked right past the mailboxes that are almost in your way going into the building. I always go get my girlfriend Carol a glass of tea from the Cafeteria as she doesn't get to work until the last minute and we are not allowed to go there after we start work. Spilt the first foam glass full and had to get another. All this within 15 minutes of getting to work.
Glad that the rest of the day went fine :-) I got to work on the 3rd floor of the hospital which is the Psych floor. I like to work there as I guess I have a lot of empathy for the patients in this unit. I enjoy talking to them and even more being able to encourage them that overcoming depression can be done, I am a living example of that.
Tony left today for his annual golf trip with his buddies. Baxter will plant himself in his chair at the front window and stay there whining for the next 6 days.
I have several days off as I know I won't get much sleep from all that whining...hahahahaha
Hope everyone has a Great Week.

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