Saturday, September 6, 2008

Old Chain of Rocks Bridge--Route 66

The Chain of Rocks Bridge is part of old Route 66, crossing the Mississippi from St. Louis MO to Alton, Il. Now it is a walking and biking bridge with connecting trails on both sides by Trailnet. The bridge is 1 mile long with special Route 66 memorabilia, picnic tables and benches. There are two incredible ornate castles south in the water that used to be water pump towers. For movie buffs, the Chain of Rocks Bridge was used to film the escape portion at the end of "Escape from New York".

Tony and I walked this bridge today. First time I have ever crossed the Mississippi on foot. The view was breathtaking. I was amazed that the bridge actually curved as when ever we are on 270 I look at it but couldn't see this from driving parallel to it. I took several pictures. Tony told stories of crossing over this bridge as a child with his father. Once a year now they open it up to a parade of old model cars to cross.

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