Sunday, November 16, 2008


We dropped Baxter off at the Groomers Saturday and since we had a few hours before he would be ready Tony decided we should go downtown and run around. Tony has grown up here plus was a Limo driver for many a year so he knows his way around here. I just go along for the ride and enjoy the sites.
We went to Laclede's Landing yesterday. The streets are still cobblestone as you can see in the picture. Actually several parts of the city are still cobblestone. We went down to the heart of the city (1st streeet) and worked our way around enjoying seeing the City Workers putting up the Christmas decorations. We will go back down in a few weeks to see it all dressed up and ready for the Christmas Season.
We passed by the old Courthouse and the street was lined with protesters for Gay Rights marriages. Tony made a comment about wrong timing on that one, we were just thankful it was a peaceful gathering.
Saw several people at the street corners with signs begging for food or money. Sad to say but the thought crossed my mind are they really just out there panhandling to support their drug habits. Noticed a few people reaching out of their cars handing change to them.
I hope everyone has a Great Week !!!!

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