Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The Winter Season has definitely started early here. About every two days we get blasted with some form of winter precipitation. I have drove to work two days now on sleet, ice and snow. Tony has offered to take me but I have the attitude that it just isn't gonna whoop me !!!! I only had a few moments of sliding and I was able to control it. We are suppose to have freezing rain tomorrow morning.

I slipped and fell on the floor at work this past week and they sent me for x-rays. Turns out I strained and sprained my back muscles so all is OK. I go back to the doctor this next week.

I took a pic of the tree and Baxter was posing in his chair until a Squirrel running in the yard caught his eye and he decided to turn around and start whining wanting to go outside and chase it.

I hope everyone is have a Nice Holiday Season so far......

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