Sunday, March 29, 2009


It’s just so tragic and sad. All these poor homeless people with no one to depend on for the next meal but government handouts provided by taxpayers.

Here is Michelle Obama doing her part at a soup kitchen in Washington D.C. last Thursday. She brought with her food donated by the White House Staff. The first lady served up mushroom risotto and broccoli to a long line of destitute homeless men and women. She stopped here to pose for a picture from this poor unfortunate. This photo got national media attention.
Wonder why the media didn’t ask two bothersome journalistic questions. If this unidentified meal recipient is too poor to buy his own food, how does he afford a cell phone/camera? And if he truly is “homeless” where on earth do they send the cell phone bills?


Sue said...

Good points! I always hear how
broke people are, while they are toting laptops, or cellphones. Give me a break!

Apple Tree Cottage said...

This just boggles the mind. I volunteered at a soup kitchen for several months and finally quit because the poor "unfortunates" all drove fabulous cars, had cell phones, tatoos, and more jewelry than you can believe. Something is just so wrong here...

Anonymous said...

Ah... good questions! Government drives me crazy. The rich get richer and the poor/homeless get yournger. Check out my blog, and help me change the world... starting with my community. Thanks in advance!

The Quintessential Magpie said...

That's a good question. I've seen some really sad cases in local soup kitchens.

I have a man who works for me doing odd jobs who doesn't receive welfare or food stamps, but sometimes he gets behind financially because the weather doesn't permit him to work outside. When he is struggling to pay his rent (at one time, he lived in a camper no bigger than a closet), he will sometimes eat at the local soup kitchen which is funded by donations from residents of the city. He has a cell phone, but his doesn't have a camera on it. He needs the phone so that he can call the people he works for and so that they can call him. It's his lifeline.

But I do wonder about some people. Then, again, one of my best friends works for a ministry that shelters the homeless, and some of their stories would break your heart.

Interesting things to ponder, and I do wonder about that photo!


Sheila :-)

Life's Moments said...

A few weeks ago Tony and I were in downtown Saint Louis and saw people on street corners with signs asking for money. One man was holding his sign in one hand (asking for money for food) and talking on his cell phone with the other hand.
I worked in a soup kitchen for awhile also and we would have whole families come to eat because they just didn't have enough money to cover food.
With the way the economy is going I suspect more and more families will be doing that.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder, doesnt it? The Secret Service should have shot him.