Thursday, March 12, 2009

Round Barns

Round barns in Indiana are a rarity in the 21st century. While Indiana, more specifically, Fulton County, is the round barn captial of the world, few round barns remain standing. These barns are a piece of the historical landscape of the Hoosier state. Round barns are indicative of an agragarian society at the turn of the century. The round barn is a long forgotten ingenuity of a farming society that searched for innovative ways to improve their farming techniques. Bob Hamibaugh stated, "The era of round barns was a time in our agricultural history that was brief, but important. It was the birth of modern farming," ("The Round Barns of Fulton County," By: Lisa Hurt Kozarovich). Frank Retter of Randolph County would agree. As the grandson of a round barn builder, he takes great pride in his family's contribution to this aspect of farming. The round barn that his grandfather built 100 years ago is still in the family and still in use today.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

That is amazing! Think of how difficult this would be to make, and how wonderful it is that there is someone preserving the tradition! Love this SO much. Thanks for sharing. You are talking to an almost rabid preseverationist here! :-)


Sheila :-)

suZen said...

I love those barns! We pass a more octagonal barn on our way up north each summer. Each time I want to stop and take a picture because they really are disappearing. I grew up on a farm, but we had the "ordinary" barn. My favorite pictures are the barn remnants, like the old weathered ones you can see sunlight through.

Rikkij said...

barns in general make for good pics and contemplation. their image always tells a story. ~Rick

Anonymous said...

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