Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sunday Fun ????

"The cure for boredom is Curiosity. There is no cure for Curiosity." Dorothy Parker

Well there might be a cure for curiosity...I was in the basement earlier trying to straighten up some more and the curiosity got the best of me about an Cabinet that I have not been into since I moved here. It is way back in a dark corner of the room with various boxes in front of it. I am hoping it is empty so I can store things in there. I work my way through the boxes and move them so I can peek into this cabinet and just as I open up the door, something makes a rattling sound and springs off of the top shelf and bounces off of me. You have never seen someone skedaddle over boxes and rush to the other side of the room like I did. Eyes bugging out and heavy breathing I stand still listening for a scurrying sound. Nothing. I strain looking over the boxes to see if I can see anything and all there is for me to see is a furry baby rattle laying on the floor. Color me Red at this point. I almost had heart failure from a baby's rattle.

Whew !!!!

Enough fun for one day...hahaha


Anonymous said...

Cure for curiosity--haha. "Color me Red at this point. I almost had heart failure from a baby's rattle."--what a riot. I should have found your blog sooner! I'll follow you now!

Clayrn Darrow

Deedee said...

Hahaha - Love it! I can see myself in that position. Great story!

Idabel Oklahoma said...

hahahahah! ohhh that was funny! hahahah! we can just picture it.

intelligence said...