Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Transition Aircraft

The Transition aircraft, shown in this illustration with its wings partially unfolded, can shift from road-worthiness to airworthiness. The vehicle carries a price tag of $194,000.
The aptly named Transition takes a stab at bridging the gap between automobiles and airplanes. Some people call it a flying car. The company designing and selling the vehicle prefers the term "roadable aircraft."
Either way, it boils down to this: You sit down behind the steering wheel, drive to the runway, unfold two wings and take off. You can fly 500 miles on a tank of gas — regular unleaded —and when you land, you simply fold up the wings and drive where you want to go. At the end of the day, you fly back, drive home and park inside your garage.


Anonymous said...

Holy Moley! You can only drive this with a pilot's license, right?
Interesting craft...

Claryn Darrow

Life's Moments said...

Yep...Ya gots to have a pilot's license....What a way to go huh?

Deedee said...

I want my flying car, and I want it now!

Jamwes said...

Good to see that flying cars are making a comeback.

jacker said...