Thursday, February 19, 2009

A few life lessons.....

1- Even if it's only a Christmas card - never lose contact with old friends.
2-Things are seldom as bad as one imagines, give it time.
3-Take lots of pictures.
4-Keep a journal of memories.
5-Never pass up a hug.
6-There's no excuse for being unkind.
7-People who tell you a secret will tell your secrets.
8-Before your children leave home make them teach you the secrets to the tv remote, the answering machine, the computer, and your own cell phone.
9-Treat your children's spouses as your own children.
10-Do your very best at any job you're given to do - no matter how menial.
11-Laugh at yourself.
12-Your heart holds more love than you can ever give away.
13-It's ok if he doesn't change poopy diapers as long as he cleans up "dead critters.'

14-A smile goes along way.
15-There is no magic face cream.

1 comment:

Avery & Bella said...

We found your blog while browsing others. We just wanted to say that everything on that list is just about 100 percent true. Very insightful.

- Avery & Bella