Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just one of those nights...

Just one of those nights where sleep just isn't gonna happen when I lay down. First I laid there and remembered I forgot to take my medications. The one thing one doesn't want to forget to take is one's antidepressants. More than likely this is why I am not asleep as both of them have relaxants in them. When I got out of bed to take them, Baxter stretched out on all of my side of the bed, so I decided to come catch up on some of my blogs I read daily.

Browsing News Headlines, I came across one I won't soon forget...." Owner Shared Bed and Took Baths With Chimpanzee From Connecticut Attack". I am just not going to comment on that one !!

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AlekSandra said...

O dear,Know everything about it,I stoped taking antidepres.pills cause I was not helped by them like I expected to be(like a miracle pill)and now in body what hurts and 40 kg extra to walk with.Not nice at all.I am trying (not without a srink)to deal with my reasons of becoming depressed at first place,I found my self a combination of stuff,to help myself(Mindfullness meditation,proved to be efective in healing depression among other desorders,once in a month acupunctuur,Melatonine(to build up your own bio ritme)its a hormon which are depressed brains are not able to produce by them self,from now and than good portion of cry your head of moments,sometimes a talk with a shrink,A good long walk in the nature,and of course,not to forget,blogging! Its like I am not alone anymore)And,this is of course,my own experience,does not mean that for you will be good too,but I am sure that if we listen carefully to are selfs,we are to become best specialists of our own body,mind and spirit(Balans betw.3 of those).Sorry if I bored you with my story,but may be there is something in it what you can use to heal yourself.Love Aleksandra.