Monday, November 16, 2009

Nice Cold Drizzily lazy day here !!!

Took this picture earlier as Baxter and I were returning from grocery shopping. I don't mind the grocery shopping part but trying to decide on what we are having for dinners cause major anxiety attacks still, I guess it always will. Tony has to sit down with me and make out a meal list for the week. Good thing he is so understanding about this among other things...LOL

As you can tell from the trees they have just about shed all of their leaves. Today is my day off buy they are too soggy for me to be doing any raking with....Yeah !!!! And I work the rest of this week, so hopefully by the weekend the rest will be off and Tony and I will only have to rake one more time this year. Well leaves that is, the gum balls won't fall off until next month.
I went ahead and got my H1N1 shot this past week at the hospital. Was quite undecided about it but found out that is was going to become mandatory as a condition of employment with BJC just like the yearly flu shot is so I got it. At least now I don't have to run around in a mask all day long.
Well I hope everyone has a great week, I am off to make some meatloaf for dinner.


The Quintessential Magpie said...

Hi, Sharon... hope it stops raining there for you today and that your dinner turns out just perfect! Sending love your way...


Sheila :-)

Sue said...

With a little luck, a big ol' wind will kick up and blow those leaves away!!
I hate raking too!!