Saturday, August 2, 2008

First week.......

First week at Christian Hospital is behind me. Great bunch of people I work with there. Has been a very busy week here. Tony and I decided with my starting work that we would just let Baxter (the Boxer) stay in the back room during the day and not put him in his cage. Tony fixed a4 foot piece of plasterboard up in front of the door and put a chair in front of it. We both left for work hoping this would be a great solution. When I got home from work the place was a disaster zone. Baxter had clawed his way through the top of the barrier and climbed his way out and over the top of the chair. Everything was in the floor, he had pulled everything off of the dining room table and the dresser in the bedroom. A whole box of sandwich bags was everywhere and the fresh flowers that Tony had brought to me over the past weekend were a thing of the past. I really didn't get upset as it was an experiment in progress. We decided that a door will have to go up in that entranceway and until that happens Baxter is going into the cage.

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