Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today has been.....

A lazy day to say the least. Reading complaints from an email has taken it's toll on my eyes today. I love to email. I guess because I am not a big fan of the phone at this point in my life. Actually I have never been one to get on it and talk for hours unless it was with my Grandma or my Sister. The only one I get on with now and talk for hours is my daughter. Some say emailing is impersonal. I enjoy it even if someone just emails me to say hi. It lets me know they are thinking of me. I belong to several groups on yahoo just to read the interesting things people will write. Sometimes I comment back but that is very rare.
I spend alot of time online with my website and keeping up with the news also. I would much rather read the news than listen to it on the T.V.. I guess this is so I can decide what I read and what I ignore.
I have to work this holiday weekend. I hope everyone has a nice Labor Day Weekend !!


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